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Skin Types - Asian Laser Hair Removal

Asian Laser Hair RemovalThe Yorkshire Hair Removal Clinic specialise in hair removal, for Asian, Mediterranean and Black skins.

Skins with a higher levels of pigmentation, such as Mediterranean, Asian and Black skins can provide additional challenges in terms of laser hair removal.

Laser and IPL systems target the pigment in the hair, so in skins with a higher level of melanin, it is important to avoid heating up the pigment in the skin or a blister or indeed may occur.

It is important to ensure your laser specialist is experienced treating skins of colour to avoid any unwanted reactions.

At the Yorkshire Hair Removal Clinic, not only are our lasers the gold standard for laser hair removal but our team of laser specialists have a wealth of experience, treating all skin types and colours.

The Yorkshire Hair Removal Clinic uses Pain free hair removal for Laser Hair Removal to remove any unwanted or superfluous hair. Pain free hair removal effectively reduces dark, coarse hair, leading to permanent hair reduction. We acheive fantastic results for the majority of asian / mediterranean clients.

Asian skin is more delicate than most White Caucasian skins, so the skill of the practitioner is paramount in achieving a fast, safe result.

All of our nurse led team have a vast knowledge of dealing with coloured skins.

Unwanted facial and body asian hair can be reduced by our 4 hair removal techniques:

You can read more about the techniques at the links above.

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The best sunscreen for Asian skin is the Heliocare Silk Gel SPF 30.

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